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Management shake up continues at Thomas Cook

The management shake up at Thomas Cook continues apace, with top executives Ian Ailles and Phil Aird-Mash both leaving the company.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: “We have been very open about the fact that we are undertaking a wide reaching business review as part of our on-going transformation, with a particular focus on our UK operation.

“As part of that review, led by new UK CEO Peter Fankhauser, we can confirm that both Ian Ailles and Phil Aird-Mash, the CEO’s responsible for our UK and Ireland business will be leaving at the end of the year.

“Ian and Phil are both very supportive of our ongoing transformation work and will work closely with Peter Fankhauser and the wider leadership team to ensure a smooth and successful transition

Thomas Cook had previously announced that Peter Fankhauser, CEO of the company’s european operation would be taking over the running of the firms UK operation.

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