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Here they are – the most common ‘bad behaviours’ committed by holiday home guests

Here they are   the most common bad behaviours committed by holiday home guests    BeFunky Messy.jpg

A scandalous new study has revealed the extent to which Britons fail to treat holiday homes as they would their own home; unveiling the most common elements of ‘bad behaviour’ commonly committed by those staying in holiday homes.

Britons evidently don’t stick to a ‘treat it as you would your own’ approach, as three quarters, 73%, of those who have stayed in a holiday home, admit that they have treated a holiday home worse than they would their own home. Two fifths, 41%, claim to have lost their security deposit to damage in the past.

The study was conducted by as part of research into the experiences of holidaymakers staying in holiday homes both in the UK and abroad. 1,911 men and women aged 18 and over subsequently took part, all of whom had stayed in a holiday home in the past three years.

Those taking part were asked, “Do you ensure you treat a holiday home in the same way as you would treat your own home?” and asked to take the treatment of appliances, cleanliness of the home and security of the home into account. According to the result, 73% answered ‘No, I treat a holiday home worse than I would my own home.’

When asked why this was the case, the majority, 56%, of these respondents admitted that they felt that a ‘holiday home is like a hotel’, and so could be treated with less respect than a home. 32% admitted that they were ‘covered by their security deposit and travel insurance’, and so did not feel the need to be careful in a holiday home.

When asked to state what they’re most likely to do in a holiday home that they would not do in their own home, the top results were as follows:

1 Leave heating/ air conditioning on when out: 47%

2 Hide/ fail to replace broken items: 40%

3 Leave doors unlocked when out: 35%

4 Get make-up/ fake-tan on sheets: 33%

5 Fail to clean home at all during stay: 32%

6 Excessive use of white goods (dishwasher, washing machine etc): 31%

7 Allow pets on furniture/ beds: 29%

8 Leave spare key to holiday home outside property: 25%

9 Leaving appliances on when out (TV, Radio etc): 22%

10 Leaving waste/ rubbish in home: 19%

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