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Two-thirds of high-earning Brits missed out on school for family holidays as kids

Two thirds of high earning Brits missed out on school for family holidays as kids    Pool

The next time you scold a friend or family member for taking their precious offspring out of school in order to go on holiday, remember this -  new research has suggested that two thirds of high earning Brits were taken on family holidays during term time when they were children, suggesting that missing school for holidays doesn’t necessarily impact the success of the individual later on in life.

A new poll organised by has revealed that two thirds of Britons earning £60,000 or more a year were taken out of school as a child during term time for a family holiday, with the majority of these people claiming that they don’t feel going on holiday when they were supposed to be at school impacted their education or career.

When respondents were asked if they felt being taken out of school for a family holiday had affected their success, both in terms of their education and career, 92% of respondents stated it had ‘little, to no impact’.

The high fliers were then asked if they had previously taken their own children out of school during term time for a family holiday before the new rules and fines were brought in, to which 83%, stated ‘yes’. Those who had said ‘yes’ were then asked ‘Would you still book family holidays during term time, knowing you would be fined for doing so?’ to which the majority, 74%, stated ‘yes’.

Parents with children of primary school age were more likely to take their children out of school during term time for a holiday than those with children of secondary school age.

When people were asked why they felt it was OK to take their kids out of school, 42% of respondents admitted it was because they ‘didn’t feel the child would miss out on much from being out of school for one or two weeks’, while 41% admitted it was because ‘holidays are much cheaper during term time than during the school holidays’.

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