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More Brits are heading down under! UK holiday arrivals to Queensland up 11%

More Brits are heading down under! UK holiday arrivals to Queensland up 11%    Reef

New figures show that UK holiday arrivals to Queensland from last December have jumped an impressive 11% over the last year. The same report showed that on an international scale, visitor numbers to the sunshine state are also on the rise and have increased by 2% over the same time period.

It is reported that over 215,000 Brits visited Queensland last year, of which 152,000 visited with the main purpose being a holiday. Holiday arrivals make up 60% of all UK arrivals to Queensland compared to the national average of 42%. The annual report also shows that not only are more Brits heading to Queensland, but they are staying for longer and spending more money, with figures showing an increase of 18% in UK visitor expenditure.

It’s an exciting time for the Australian state with the G20 summit taking place in Brisbane in November of this year, and the Gold Coast gearing up to host the Commonwealth Games in August 2018.

As a holiday destination, Queensland is heady mix of contrasting landscapes and experiences which appeal to the diverse needs of the UK holidaymaker – the state is home to the World-Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest continuous surviving rainforest, a huge array of wildlife and nature experiences, the metropolitan hub of Brisbane, the white sands of the Whitsunday islands, and the historic Queensland Outback.

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