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Interest grows in travel to the Middle East

Interest grows in travel to the Middle East    Iz

A new poll has polled 6.8 million people across the UK, Germany, France and Spain to discover how travellers feel about holidaying in the Middle East. The results show that while well-known destinations such as Egypt’s Red Sea resorts and Dubai continue to attract the most visitors, Israel, Jordan and Abu Dhabi are catching up as must see destinations within the region.

The survey, conducted by Travelzoo, showed that British people and visitors from across the EU are returning home with very positive experiences having visited the region; 70% of Brits are hoping to return for another holiday and the same percentage are happy to recommend a holiday in the Middle East to friends and family.

Nearly a third of respondents would like to visit the region in the next 12-18 months – and 83% of people said that their travel agent has never suggested holidaying in a Middle East destination.

As a nation of sunseekers keen to leave our inclement weather behind, it comes as no surprise to learn that the number one reason to consider holidaying in the Middle East for Brits is the good weather – with sun, sea and sand topping the list of interests for the UK visitor.  Cultural experiences are the second most important consideration.

Changing dress and behaviour on holiday is clearly not a significant barrier for potential visitors either. Nearly 80% of British women said they would feel obliged to alter their normal attire to adhere to cultural norms, however the majority (62%) said this would not put them off travelling there.

The survey also found that 72% of UK travellers consider the Middle East a family-friendly destination and Brits are less put off by political unrest when compared to other EU countries. More than half of those who said they didn’t want to travel to the Middle East said it was due to the region not being of interest to them, whereas German and French travellers say political unrest is their number one reason to not visit. Spanish consumers feel the Middle East is too expensive.

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