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‘Holiday Fever’ costs employers about £500 per member of staff

‘Holiday Fever’ costs employers about £500 per member of staff    Comp

Planning a holiday, excitement ahead of a trip and time spent reminiscing about the break once home is taking up a lot of British workers’ time and costing employers hundreds of pounds, according to new research by an online travel agency in the UK.

Having a member of staff plan and attend a holiday costs a typical employer an average sum of £478 per employee, due to time spent on holiday-related activity when they should be working.

The poll, conducted by, asked people how long they spent thinking, daydreaming, planning, researching and/or booking your holiday abroad while in the workplace before your last trip – and most people said 32 hours in total.

When asked if their productivity at work before and after a holiday was affected as a direct result of the trip they were about to or had already taken, 89% of the people taking part admitted they were ‘much less productive’ at work just before and straight after a holiday. What a surprise…

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