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A third of Brits willing to sacrifice refreshments for cheaper flight fares

A third of Brits willing to sacrifice refreshments for cheaper flight fares    Drink

A third of British travellers would be prepared to sacrifice refreshments for an entire flight if it meant securing a cheaper fare, a survey of over 9,000 Brits by TripAdvisor has revealed.

Nearly a quarter (23%) would be willing to travel from a remote airport for cheaper flights, while one in seven (14%) would be happy to endure one or two connections.

The annual air travel survey by TripAdvisor also revealed that when it comes to finding the cheapest airfare, the traditional travel agent is no longer the go to source for most British travellers. Less than one five say they can find the lowest prices by using a travel agent, compared to over a third who say they can find the cheapest fares on price comparison sites. (Shameless plug – give TNT Flight Search a go.)

When asked to name their favourite airline, British Airways topped the poll with nearly a quarter of the vote, followed by Virgin Atlantic in second place. When asked which airline they would most like to fly with for the first time, more than a third of British travellers voted for Emirates, followed by Cathay Pacific in second place.

At the other end of the scale, Ryanair was named Brits’ least favourite airline, with nearly half of all votes polled  – compared to just 2% naming it their favourite airline.

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  1. Janette
    19 Jun 14
    12:16 pm
  2. Anyone who says they are happy to have several connections for a cheaper flight, clearly has never had their luggage left behind! It has happened on a number of occasions~the longest time being for a week… it was in London, I was in Perth WA and had already flown through Hong Kong, oh, and was heading to Ayers Rock, Cairns and Sydney within a matter of days… I was a wreck! All I can say is ‘thank you BA’! No wonder they came out on top on the survey!

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